Kisaní»s Research & Development Department (hereinafter R+D dept) has an immovable position in the local financial office and communication equipment special makers by researching and developing various financial office and state-of-the-art information communication equipment with the trend of unmanned equipment. Our R+D dept. was set up to contribute to the national economy through securing the international competitiveness and import substitution effect of developing high-quality financial office equipment which depends on imports.

Our R+D dept has developed the banknote sorting machine with our own technology and started supplying it to the financial institutions since June 1997, its superior performance make customers more satisfied than imports, Also, with communication equipment , Standard Digital Clock System which determines the precise Standard Time , Seating Occupancy Indicator which is designed to improve the productivity in the workplace by identifying the presence of managers in their offices, and Radio Paging Signal Analysis System which is designed to be used in selection of location of radio pager base stations as well as various remote monitoring and controlling systems.

Our R+D dept. not only implements continued educational programs to increase effeciency of technology upgrade and improve reseacherí»s skill but also increasingly widen the opportunities for visiting domestic and foreign exhibitions to acquire new technology and data. Kisaní»s R+D dept. will strive constantly for infinite potential, and build confident as the special manufacturer of financial office and communication equipment