We Read and Count All Notes of Currencies on Earth


"To be a Global Frontier by creating banking
automation products of customer satisfaction."

In 1988, Kisan Electronics Co., Ltd started with small staffs of 5 employees and now has grown internally to small hidden champion of 200 employees. In 1996, we started to produce the wireless call analyzers of initial stage. We developed banknote fitness sorter which had been 100% imported product, only with domestic technologies and components.
Since then, we have maintained a market share of more than 90%, replacing existing imported machinery. In 2010, Newton product was selected as a world-class product and more than 100,000 units were exported to 40 countries around the world, which has enabled us to find firm position as specialized developer of small and mediumsized banknote fitness sorter.
Based on accumulated technology for over 30 years and stable domestic market, we have developed DB of more than 100 countries around the world and exported banknote fitness sorter to more than 70 countries in Europe, Russia and Africa. We are also striving to establish a fast, accurate and convenient customer response system through regular global network management and strengthened ties.
Kisan Electronics is committed to fulfilling customer satisfaction with the world's best technology under the mission of "We read and count all the currencies of the world".
The largest research manpower in Korea, which accounts for 38% of the total manpower invests 15% of total sales in research and development, responds to rapid technological change and leads the development of financial office equipment through securing core technologies.
As a global financial partner, we will continue our challenge and growth so that we can provide 100% customer satisfaction by providing total management solution as well as existing middle and small banknote fitness sorter and large financial office equipment through the already proven banknote processing technology and S/W technology convergence.

Global Supply Experience

Kisan Provides products to almost 70 countries around the world.
and have been exporting our products for the last 30 years.

Total 72 contries around the world.

  • Euroupe 16 countries

  • Asia&Oceania 15 countries

  • Middle East 12 countries

  • Africa 17 countries

  • North America 2 countries

  • South America 12 countries

Business Status

Kisan Electronics, achieving sustainable growth through unsparing investment towards the future.